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Problems with your vehicle’s ignition system can be very frustrating, in part because they can be difficult to diagnose.  A car that simply will not stop may be experiencing problems with an ignition switch, a dead battery, a faulty starter or alternator, or spark plug problems, just to name a few possibilities.  Very few things are as frustrating as heading out to your car only to discover that it will not stop.  Starters and alternator replacement can be expensive, but are relatively easy to diagnose if you know the signs.  A car that cranks, but fails to start, for example, probably does not have a starter or alternator problem.  However, if a car fails to crank, then your starter may be at fault.  Alternator problems usually begin with fading power, such as dimming interior lights or an unexplained drained battery, before total failure.

If you are experiencing problems with your ignition system, Joy Auto Parts in Green Brook or Chester, New Jersey, can help you get the parts you need to keep your car moving.


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