It is funny that the most important parts of your car are not the ones that make it go, but the ones that make sure it stops when you want it to stop.  Well-functioning brakes not only improve your driving experience, but also enhance safety for the driver and all of your passengers.  Joy Auto Parts in Chester and Green Brook New Jersey has all of the parts you need to make sure your brakes are functioning properly.

Generally, modern car brake systems function the same way: brakes on all four wheels operated by a common hydraulic system.  Disk brakes generally function better than drum brakes, and are used on the front wheels of most cars because front brakes have to work harder than rear brakes.  However, high performance cars may have disk brakes on all four wheels, and some less expensive or smaller cars, particularly older models, may have drum brakes on all of the wheels.  The brakes hydraulic system uses a master cylinder to distribute brake fluid through the brake lines to cylinders at each wheel, which force out pistons to apply the brakes.  Disc brakes are covered with friction pads that turn with the wheel; regular replacement of these pads maintains the brakes and protects the rotors, which may need to be resurfaced or replaced if the brake pads were not properly maintained. Drum brakes may have either one or two shoe-type pads on the interior of the brake.

Whether you need front or rear brake pads for a routine brake maintenance job, front or rear brake rotors to fix a car that was not properly maintained, new brake calipers to ensure proper gripping of the brake, new brake drums, or replacement brake lines and hoses, Joy Auto Parts has the parts to keep you stopping.

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