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A dead battery

While it is inconvenient, a dead battery is probably one of the easiest problems for a car owner to fix in a DIY repair.  First, the battery can be “jumped” using jumper cables, which will oftentimes give enough spark to get the car started and to a place where the battery can be tested and repaired.  Second, even if a battery cannot be “jumped,” the battery can usually be removed and replaced fairly easily, so that even a dead battery that cannot be jumped may not require towing.

While most people realize that batteries provide the initial spark your car needs to start, they may not understand how.  A chemical reaction in the battery releases energy, which the battery converts into electrical energy.  This energy is sent to the starter, which can then power the engine.  However, batteries do more than start the car; it also stabilizes the voltage that keeps the car running.  This is why a car with a dead or dying battery may lose power again when the car stops moving.

At Joy Auto Parts, we can help you determine if your battery is actually dead, using a machine designed to determine, not only if your battery is still good, but also estimate its future dependability.  Sometimes a battery is perfectly good, but simply out of charge because of user error like a light left on, which drained the car’s battery while it was parked.  That is why we are happy to test your old battery before selling you a new one!  If you need a new battery, our Chester and Green Brook locations offer some of the best selections of batteries in New Jersey.  Of course, our batteries are warranted, so that if the battery dies before the end of its warranty, you can get credit for the remaining warranty period on your next battery purchase.

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