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Motorcycle batteries

Like marine batteries, motorcycle batteries come in a larger variety than automobile batteries.  The basic motorcycle battery is very similar to a standard car battery.  It is a lead-acid battery, which may be referred to as either a wet cell battery or a flooded battery, composed of a group of cells connected in series to create either 6 or 12 volt batteries.  These lead-acid batteries recharge through the charging system, but they do not have an unlimited lifetime.  Other drawbacks to these wet-cell batteries are that they vent corrosive by-products, they require maintenance to perform properly, and they must be mounted vertically.  Valve regulated lead acid batteries (VRLSs) improve on some of the drawbacks of traditional wet-cells.  These are sealed batteries and come in two varieties: absorbent glass mat (AGM) and gel batteries.  Sealed batteries cost about twice as much as conventional batteries, but offer significant advantages.  AGM batteries are more efficient, lower-maintenance, can be mounted in various ways, and are better able to resist vibration than conventional batteries.   However, AGMs may not work on older bikes because of their charging system requirements and are vulnerable to damage from overcharging.  Gel cell batteries, which are rarely used with motorcycles, hold their charge better than other batteries and recharge well, but generally cannot perform to the level of traditional or AGM batteries in motorcycle applications.

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