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Have you ever gone in for an oil change and had the service provider recommend that you change your filters?  Sometimes, it can seem like this push to change filters is just a way to make money, especially when they show you a filter that does not appear to be very dirty or clogged.  However, clean filters are essential to a properly running car.  Fortunately, changing filters is pretty easy and whether you choose our Chester, New Jersey or Green Brook, New Jersey locations, Joy Auto Parts has the filters you need for your vehicle.

One of the most important filters in your vehicle, the air filter protects your engine from dirt, grit, and other contaminants.  Your vehicle manual should provide a schedule for air filter replacement, but if you drive in areas with poor air quality, such as dirt roads or construction areas, you may need to replace your air filter more frequently.

The cabin air filter is not going to improve vehicle performance, but it may really improve how you feel about driving your car and also help your air conditioning system perform better.  Cabin air filters trap particles that may enter your in-cabin air supply.  If you are an allergy sufferer or regularly drive in highly congested areas or for long commutes, you may want to change your cabin air filter more frequently, to make sure your in-cabin air is protected from outside contaminants.

The PCV or emission vale and filter are absolutely necessary for environmental health; they route toxic fumes from the engine back into the combustion chamber. They also improve vehicle efficiency; when the engine is able to burn these fumes it requires less fuel.

The final important filter is the fuel filter.  While modern fuels are relatively free from contaminants, they can still contain some particles that could seriously damage your engine.

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