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Oil filters and fuel filters are critical in keeping your car’s fluids free from contaminants.  Oil filters are usually the most frequently changed filters on a vehicle.  Oil filters look like little metal cans; they have a sealing gasket that fit against the engine.  Inside of the metal can is filter material, which is usually made from synthetic fibers.  The engine pumps oil to the filter so that oil that goes through the engine runs through the filter after being exposed to engine contaminants.  Therefore, each time the oil re-enters the engine, it will have passed through the filter.

Fuel filters are located between a car’s fuel pump and the fuel injectors.  The fuel filter filters out deposits in the gasoline, which helps protect your engine.  The purer the fuel, the better your engine performance.  In addition, a clogged fuel filter can result in performance problems and can even prevent your vehicle from running.

Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey and Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey have a wide selection of oil filters and fuel filters, to keep your car performing at an optimal level.

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