Ignition and Emission Parts


Ignition and Emission Parts

While many people assume a dead battery is to blame when a car will not start, there are actually a number of fairly simple problems that can lead to problems with ignition or hamper the car’s performance.

Like a battery, spark plugs are responsible for relaying electrical energy.  However, instead of providing energy to the starter, spark plugs provide energy directly to the engine, where that spark ignites the air/fuel mixture, starting the combustion process.  If the spark plugs stop providing enough spark, the air/fuel mixture will not combust and the engine will not run.  In addition to checking your spark plugs, you also want to make sure that your spark plug wires are in good condition.

The ignition coil system is also critical to getting your car started, using both electromagnets and induction to create an extremely high voltage current, which actually powers the automobile.

The distributor transfers this voltage from the coil to the correct cylinder in the engine via a distributor cap and rotor system.  These moving parts are subject to tremendous wear and tear and should be replaced in any tune-up.  Many newer engines are being manufactured without a distributor; instead of the distributor controlling spark timing, an engine control unit controls all of it.  For these cars, the first tune-up may not be required until 100,000 miles.

While emissions may seem like an end process, as soon as your car is ignited, it begins emitting by-products from the combustion in the engine.  The emissions process is extremely important; first, emissions are regulated by law, but even more importantly, and improving emissions can also improve car performance and efficiency.

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