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If it was manufactured after 1980, then your car contains oxygen sensors.  For many do-it-yourself mechanics, the oxygen sensor can seem like a nuisance auto part, since a failing oxygen sensor can be responsible for an otherwise mysterious check engine light.  However, the oxygen sensor is actually a very important part.  Oxygen sensors are electronic devices that measure the proportional amount of oxygen in a liquid or gas and then send data to the car’s computer about those numbers.  Oxygen sensors help ensure that cars are running properly and also monitor vehicle emissions.  Most cars have three oxygen sensors: one in front of the catalytic converter and one in each of the exhaust manifolds, but some vehicles may have a different number of sensors.

A faulty oxygen sensor can prevent your car from passing the emissions portion of a vehicle inspection.  Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey or Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey offer a wide variety of oxygen sensors to fit your car’s make and model.



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