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Your ignition wire sets are an often overlooked, but critical, part of your cars ignition system.  In fact, if you are experiencing any problems with your ignition system, but cannot find the source of the problem through more high-tech diagnostics, then chances are that you have a leak in your ignition wire.  An easy way to test for a leak is to run the engine in near-darkness.  You will then look for arcs near your spark plugs and listen to see if you hear a snapping or cracking sound.  Either one of those things indicates a high-voltage electrical leakage, which means you should change your ignition wires.  As tempting as it may be to simply try to pull on the wires, many of them are held in place with special clamps, so use boot pliers to remove wires from the spark plugs without damaging the plugs.  When you replace them, you can add silicone to make them easier to remove in the future.

Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey or Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey offer a wide variety of aftermarket and factory ignition wire sets, boot pliers, and silicone to make replacing your ignition wires as easy as possible.



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