Ignition Coils

If you do not understand science very well, then the ignition coil in your car may seem like magic.  It is an induction coil in your car’s ignition system that transforms the low voltage from the battery into the thousands of volts that create the electric spark in the spark plugs, igniting the fuel and starting the car.  The key to the transformation is in the shape of the coil.  However, you do not have to understand how the ignition coil, also known as the spark coil, works in order to recognize when it is failing.  Backfiring, stalling, starting problems, a loss of fuel economy, engine misfiring, and spark plug failure can all be warning signs that your ignition coil is failing.

If you need a replacement ignition coil, the experts at Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey or Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey can help you find the ignition coil or any other part you need for your ignition system.



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