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The ignition switch of the car is where your ignition system begins the journey of starting your car.  The ignition switch is in the steering column.  You turn the switch on by turning the key, or in many newer vehicles, by pushing the “start” button in the car.  Doing so sends a signal from the battery to the rest of the ignition system, initiating the start process.  Like other car parts, the ignition switch will begin to fail after significant wear and tear, and will need replacement.  Some signs that your ignition switch is failing include: the car starts and then quickly dies, the failure of some auxiliary electrical components, or a care that simply fails to start at all.  Because these problems can also indicate issues with other components in your ignition system, you can use a voltmeter to test the switch.

Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey and Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey offer an extensive lineup of ignition parts, including ignition switches for most makes and models of vehicles.



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