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Does your steering feel loose?  Does your car feel like it is pulling or drifting while driving?  Do you hear odd noises while making turns?  If so, then you may be having problems with your front end. Other signs include extreme tire wear and a loose or shimmying wheel.

Checking your front end parts is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourself mechanic, because it is best done with a car is flat on the ground.  After placing the car in park, setting the parking brake, and making sure the wheels are blocked, have someone move the steering wheel back and forth while you inspect the movement in the ball and socket joints and other steering parts. Are the movements loose or are they within the specifications for your particular car?  Generally, if the joint moves, the part attached to it should move, as well, though most auto specifications will allow for some looseness.

There are inner and outer tie rods and an adjustment sleeve; even if the adjustment sleeve does not appear damaged, if you are investing the time and money to change your tie rods, then you want to go ahead and change the adjustment sleeves because they are the part of your steering system that is most vulnerable to potholes and other road hazards.

If you are making repairs to your front end, you may also want to check your car’s alignment.  While both caster and camber are more complicated adjustments, checking and adjusting the tires’ toe, or whether the wheels make a square or are inward or outward-pointing is simple.

Whatever your front end auto part needs, Joy Auto Parts is ready to help you.  Come into our Green Brook, NJ or Chester, NJ locations today for the parts you need to get your car steering smooth and straight.


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