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Sway bar is another name for the stabilizer links that connect the wheels on each axle, left and right, to one another, providing an opposite force that keeps the wheels moving together, in height, and reducing the sway or lean of the car.  Sway bars are known by a wide variety of names, including: stabilizer links, anti-sway bar, stabilizer bar, anti-roll bar, and roll bar.  The main goal of the sway bar is to increase stability in the ride, which increases passenger comfort; off-road vehicles may have the sway-bars removed to increase the sway and roll of the bar for the passengers.  Rather than a single bar, sway bars are actually links of short arms connecting the wheels together, which respond to bumpy road conditions or hard steering with the force required to keep the wheels relatively level.  This not only corrects body lean, but also improves handling by being able to correct for either oversteering or understeering.

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