Marine Batteries


Marine batteries

While automobile batteries are a standardized 12.6-volt lead-acid six cell battery, marine batteries actually come in several different varieties.  Furthermore, depending on the boat model, there may be two types of batteries: starting batteries and batteries that run accessories for longer periods of time, known as deep cycle batteries.  Therefore, selecting the correct battery for your boat can be complicated.  The size of the deep cycle battery is not determined solely by the boat’s make and model, but also on anticipated use: deep cycle batteries should hold at least three times the energy that will be used between recharging cycles.  Dual-purpose batteries combine the starting battery and the deep cycle battery into a single battery.

Marine batteries come in four basic chemical types: flooded, gel, absorbed glass mat (AGM), and lithium.  AGM batteries may be thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries made from lead rolled into thin plates, which makes them faster-charging.  Lithium batteries are lighter and capable of being recharged after full discharges multiple times, so that they have longer lifespans than other batteries.  Flooded batteries use liquid sulfuric acid and vent hydrogen and oxygen when the battery is being charged.  Flooded batteries are higher maintenance than other batteries, but handle overcharging better.  They also require off-season charging because they self-charge.

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