Car Batteries


Car batteries

Automobile batteries are generally 12.6-volt lead-acid batteries.  Commonly referred to as 12 volt batteries, these batteries are actually six smaller batteries, referred to as cells, connected in series.

Traditionally, car batteries are rechargeable batteries that perform three functions.  First, they supply the energy needed to start the engine.  Once the engine is started, the battery no longer provides power; instead, the alternator provides that power.  Second, the battery supplies power to some auxiliary functions, such as lighting, power windows, power locks, and the radio.  Third, car batteries function as stabilizers, providing extra power when the vehicle’s electrical systems require more power and also evening out voltage spikes.   These batteries are often referred to as SLI batteries, because they are primarily responsible for starting, lighting, and ignition.

What many people do not realize is that many electric or hybrid vehicles actually have traditional batteries in them, as well.  These traditional batteries run the car’s accessories, while the car’s electric battery actually powers the vehicle.

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