Many cars use a drum brake system for stopping.  Drum brakes consist of several components: the backing plate, the brake drum, the shoe or pad, the wheel cylinder, and connecting springs and pins.  The drum brake uses friction from the shoe or pad to press against the cylinder-shaped part referred to as the brake drum.  These shoes usually press on the inner surface of the drum, but in clasp brakes the shoes will press on the outer surface of the drum and if the drum is pinched between two shoes it is called a pinch drum brake.  The brake drum, itself, is usually made of high-strength, wear-resistant cast iron.  The drum rotates with the wheel and axle, so that when force is applied to stop it, it also slows and then stops the turning of the wheel and the axle.  Drum brake systems may be twin leading or leading/trailing.  Twin leading brakes are generally more effective, so cars may use twin leading on the front tires and leading/trailing on the rear tires to prevent brakes from locking.

The type of brake replacement parts depends on the existing components of your car’s braking system.  The customer service experts at Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey or Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey will be happy to help you find the part that meets your needs.



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