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Sometimes, you may want to overhaul and replace your car’s entire exhaust assembly, rather than simply replacing parts of the exhaust system.  This can be done when you experience failure in the exhaust system, but is more often done as a way to improve the performance of your vehicle, as a type of after-market enhancement.  The exhaust assembly consists of the exhaust pipes that conduct gases from one chamber to another; the header, which is where gases from different cylinders are collected and directed into pipes; the catalytic converter, which converts waste product gases into less harmful substances; the muffler, which reduces engine noise; and, in some vehicles, a turbocharger that increases engine power.  The more efficient your exhaust system, the more productive your engine.

Whether you are searching for a replacement exhaust assembly or looking to upgrade your vehicle, Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey and Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey has the exhaust products you need to optimize your vehicle’s performance.



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