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Engines produce a tremendous amount of exhaust and also make a lot of noise.  Your car’s exhaust system is designed to do two things.  First, it converts some of the more toxic byproducts of your engine’s functioning into less harmful fumes before they are released into the air via the tailpipe.  Second, the structure of pipes helps reduce the engine sound, so that it is greatly lessened by the time it comes out of your car’s muffler.  Mufflers use their physical design to create opposing sound waves, which cancel each other out, greatly reducing engine noise.  Moreover, while mufflers reduce the flow of air from the exhaust system, which can decrease performance, a well-designed muffler can help you reduce sound while still increasing performance.

Whatever your muffler and tailpipe needs, Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey and Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey have the parts you need.



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