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You know how important belts are in keeping your engine running properly; they are the way that many of the moving parts in an engine actually move. However, you may have wondered how you get belts tight enough to move parts without slipping off, while still having them lose enough to place in the correct location, in the first place. The answer to this apparent puzzle is a belt tensioner.

Belt tensioners are pulleys that, depending on your vehicle make and model, are either mounted to a spring mechanism or to an adjustable pivot point. They keep a constant tension on your serpentine belt. Like wheel bearings, these belt tensioners use ball bearings to reduce friction in the turning process. A squeaking noise from your belt may be your first warning sign that your belt tensioner needs replacement.

Whatever make and model you drive, Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey and Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey can provide you with a belt tensioner that will keep your engine running smoothly. Just remember to keep your hands clear of the belt when diagnosing the problem!

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