Timing Belts


Timing Belts

The timing belt or timing chain or timing gear in your automobile may be the single most critical replaceable part in your entire vehicle.  It is a belt that controls the camshafts in the engine.  Timing belts and timing chains have teeth that turn the camshaft in time with the crankshaft, opening and closing valves at the right time.  Failure to replace a timing belt can result in disaster; when the timing belt fails, the engine fails.  However, your problems could be worse than a simple stalled vehicle; timing belt failures can also lead to damage to the rest of your engine.  That is why it is critical to replace your timing belt according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle.

Joy Auto Parts of Green Brook, New Jersey and Joy Auto Parts of Chester, New Jersey offer a wide selection of timing belts, timing chains, and timing gears.

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